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 ~ Host a Spoil Yourself Rotten Online Party! ~
 Host a Spoil Yourself Rotten Online Party and Earn FREE Merchandise!
 ~ To Busy to have a Party? Then PARTY ONLINE!! ~
An Online Party is a Fun & Easy way to receive the benefits of hosting a
Traditional Party, but without all the planning and preparations.
No need to worry about your guest canceling or not showing up at your party.
Your friends & family can now shop online at their own convenience!
*If you or your friends and family have hectic schedules or
 if your friends and family live in another City or State a
 Spoil Yourself Rotten Online Party Is Perfect for you!
~ How It Works: ~
* Before your party you will receive an email with your Spoil Yourself Rotten
   Online Party Details and Information.
* Your Online Party Invitation will be emailed to you for you to forward to all
  of your friends and family. You can also ask each guest to forward the invitation
  to their friends and family. This will increase the amount of FREE Products you can Earn!
* Have your friends & family go to our website www.SpoilYourselfRotten.com
to see all of our Products (Ex: Handbags, .925 Sterling Silver & Fashion Jewelry!)
They can order online and during checkout have them ADD YOUR NAME to the Message Box
that is located in the shopping cart and then you will get Credit for their Order.
 This is Great for your Friends & Family that live out of your City or State. Or you can also
have them write down the product numbers listed and call or email you with their orders ~
There is also Order Forms they can print off of our website to give to you. Or you can also
 collect the payments and Email us your order at: Info@SpoilYourselfRotten.com
Please have all checks made Payable to: Shani Mildfeldt
I can also send you a Paypal Money Request to your Email Address for payment.
Please list every guest separate with their order so we can keep track of them.
I will get your order and contact you regarding payment and shipping information.
* Please Add $2.50 to each order that is just for (Jewelry) for Shipping Charges.
* Please Add $8.00 to each order that has a (Handbag, Tote Bag etc.) For Shipping.
*Example: They purchase a Handbag (or anything else) & Jewelry it is still just $8.00
   If they only purchase Jewelry and nothing else it is just $2.50 for each party guest.
* If one of your guest purchases more then one Handbag or has a larger order over $50.00.
~ Please add $4.00 For each additional handbag or for the additional shipping charges ~
*All orders are shipped directly to your party guest unless otherwise
 mentioned and you live in Minden or Central City, NE. the surrounding area and
 you would like to deliver them to your guests yourself.
*Please just let me know what you prefer.
* Your Online Party can last 7-10 Days ~ Just let me know how long you would like to have it.
* As Hostess you will receive 30% of Total Party Sales before Shipping and Taxes 
 ~ In FREE Merchandise! ~ You will get a Gift Certificate in that amount to shop FREE Online!
* You Will Earn 30% on all Jewelry (and other products) and 20% on all Handbags
* Earn FREE Merchandise by Hosting as often as you would like!
* If you or one of your guest would like something under our Fashion Jewelry that is on
  our website (Spoil Yourself Rotten) and that is not listed on our Jewelry Vendors Website
  (.925silvercatalog.com) *Please feel free to email me and I can combine your orders.
*At the completion of your Online Party, the Total Party Sales before Taxes and Shipping
will be calculated and you will receive a Gift Certificate in that amount to shop online
or by phone. Your Hostess Benefits will be active for 30 Days after your Party!
 ~ Benefits of Having an Online Party! ~
* Very Flexible ~ Work around your schedule!
* Saves Time & Energy For Everyone Involved!
* Party Online and Order In Your PJ'S if you want!
* Don't have to leave your kids or get a babysitter!
* Don't have to leave your home or office!
* No cost for food preparation!
* Don't have to worry about guest canceling last minute!
* Everyone can shop at their own convenience!
* Free Gifts With Each and Every Order!
** Great Way to Earn FREE Merchandise for Yourself or For FREE Gifts
For One Of your Family or Friends For all Occasions & Holidays!:
Birthdays, Weddings, Showers, Graduations, Parties, Church,
Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving
* Makes Great Gifts for Teachers, Coaches, Co-workers!
  ~ Please Spoil Yourself Rotten ~
 Today..Tomorrow..& Always!
*Sign up to have your Online Party Today!
 ~ Under Contact Us ~
*If you have any Questions Please Feel Free to Email Us!


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